DSCB Graduates

Name PI Graduated Dissertation Title
Rebecca Anderson Daniel Lim 2019 The novel long noncoding RNA Pnky regulates neurogenesis and neural stem cell maintenance in vivo
Mikhail Binnewies Matthew Krummel 2018 The Critical Role for Type-2 Dendritic Cells in Antitumor Immune Responses microenvironment
Lauren Byrnes Julie Sneddon 2018 Cellular heterogeneity and lineage dynamics of the developing, adult, and diseased murine pancreas
Jacob Freimer Robert Blelloch 2018 Regulation of mIRNA Activity in Mouse Oocytes
Matthew George Benoit Bruneau 2018 RNA as an Epigenetic Molecule During Cardiac Lineage Commitment
Jacob Kimmel Andrew Brack & Wallace Marshall 2018 Inferring muscle stem cell state from cell behavior by quantitative imaging
Elizabeth Wheatley Saul Villeda 2018 The Role of OGT in Regulating Hippocampal Neuronal Integrity and
Cognition with Age
Justin Ellis David Rowitch 2017 Prominent Postnatal Streams of Interneurons in the Ferret Cortex Tension
Daniel Nguyen Diana Laird 2017 Germ cell development
Nicole Stone Deepak Srivastava 2017 A chemical screen for factors affecting direct cardiac reprogramming
Katherine Woronowicz Richard Schneider 2017 Role of Mechanical Forces During Skeletal Development.
Christina Abundis Scott Baraban 2016 Novel therapeutic strategies to the Rett syndrome
Matthew Donne Jason Rock 2016 Models and Mechanisms of Adult Lung Repair and Regeneration
Svetlana Keylin Shingo Kajimura 2016 Beige adipocyte maintenance is regulated by autophagy-induced mitochondrial clearance
Johanna Kirby Thea Tlsty 2016 Investigating the changes in CD36 expression in solid tumors of the pancreas, prostate, and lung
Elijah Martin Deepak Srivastava 2016 The miR-1/SRF/TDG axis in the regulation of myogenic differentiation
Amanda Mason Steven Finkbeiner 2016 Human and Rodent Neurons Reveal a Role for Progranulin in Regulating Autophagy in
Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration
Christina Theodoris Deepak Srivastava 2015 iPSC-based Modeling of Human NOTCH1 Mutations Reveals Novel Pathways