Jason Pomerantz, MD

Associate Professor
Department of Surgery

Our laboratory studies basic and translational aspects of tissue regeneration. With foundations in muscle and cancer biology, we are investigating regenerative mechanisms of stem cells and of  de-differentiating somatic cells. By employing model organisms such as zebrafish and mouse and extending discoveries to human cells and tissues, we hope to gain fundamental insight that can be translated into clinical advances, most notably solving the structural and reconstructive problems of the limbs, face, and head. 

Research Summary: 
Mesenchymal tissue regeneration

High-Yield Purification, Preservation, and Serial Transplantation of Human Satellite Cells.

Stem cell reports

Garcia SM, Tamaki S, Lee S, Wong A, Jose A, Dreux J, Kouklis G, Sbitany H, Seth R, Knott PD, Heaton C, Ryan WR, Kim EA, Hansen SL, Hoffman WY, Pomerantz JH

Muscle stem cell activation in a mouse model of rotator cuff injury.

Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society

Davies MR, Garcia S, Tamaki S, Liu X, Lee S, Jose A, Pomerantz JH, Feeley BT

Recalcitrant Invasive Skin Cancer of the Scalp: Combined Extirpation and Microsurgical Reconstruction Without Cranioplasty.

The Journal of craniofacial surgery

Cho GJ, Wang F, Garcia SM, Viner J, Hoffman WY, McDermott MW, Pomerantz JH

EPHRIN-B1 Mosaicism Drives Cell Segregation in Craniofrontonasal Syndrome hiPSC-Derived Neuroepithelial Cells.

Stem cell reports

Niethamer TK, Larson AR, O'Neill AK, Bershteyn M, Hsiao EC, Klein OD, Pomerantz JH, Bush JO

Human Satellite Cell Isolation and Xenotransplantation.

Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)

Garcia SM, Tamaki S, Xu X, Pomerantz JH

Human Satellite Cell Transplantation and Regeneration from Diverse Skeletal Muscles.

Stem cell reports

Xu X, Wilschut KJ, Kouklis G, Tian H, Hesse R, Garland C, Sbitany H, Hansen S, Seth R, Knott PD, Hoffman WY, Pomerantz JH

Bilateral Coronoidectomy by Craniofacial Approach for Hecht Syndrome-Related Trismus.

The Journal of craniofacial surgery

Balkin DM, Chen I, Oberoi S, Pomerantz JH

Simultaneous silencing of multiple RB and p53 pathway members induces cell cycle reentry in intact human pancreatic islets.

BMC biotechnology

Tamaki S, Nye C, Slorach E, Scharp D, Blau HM, Whiteley PE, Pomerantz JH

Tumor suppressors: enhancers or suppressors of regeneration?

Development (Cambridge, England)

Pomerantz JH, Blau HM

Regenerative strategies for craniofacial disorders.

Frontiers in physiology

Garland CB, Pomerantz JH

Re"evolutionary" regenerative medicine.


Blau HM, Pomerantz JH

Short telomeres and stem cell exhaustion model Duchenne muscular dystrophy in mdx/mTR mice.


Sacco A, Mourkioti F, Tran R, Choi J, Llewellyn M, Kraft P, Shkreli M, Delp S, Pomerantz JH, Artandi SE, Blau HM

Transient inactivation of Rb and ARF yields regenerative cells from postmitotic mammalian muscle.

Cell stem cell

Pajcini KV, Corbel SY, Sage J, Pomerantz JH, Blau HM

Reprogramming to a muscle fate by fusion recapitulates differentiation.

Journal of cell science

Pomerantz JH, Mukherjee S, Palermo AT, Blau HM

Nuclear reprogramming in heterokaryons is rapid, extensive, and bidirectional.

FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Palermo A, Doyonnas R, Bhutani N, Pomerantz J, Alkan O, Blau HM

Myoblasts and macrophages share molecular components that contribute to cell-cell fusion.

The Journal of cell biology

Pajcini KV, Pomerantz JH, Alkan O, Doyonnas R, Blau HM

Suture techniques for the nasal tip.

Aesthetic surgery journal

Gruber RP, Weintraub J, Pomerantz J

Noggin suppression enhances in vitro osteogenesis and accelerates in vivo bone formation.

The Journal of biological chemistry

Wan DC, Pomerantz JH, Brunet LJ, Kim JB, Chou YF, Wu BM, Harland R, Blau HM, Longaker MT

Active tissue-specific DNA demethylation conferred by somatic cell nuclei in stable heterokaryons.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Zhang F, Pomerantz JH, Sen G, Palermo AT, Blau HM

Bone marrow contribution to skeletal muscle: a physiological response to stress.

Developmental biology

Palermo AT, Labarge MA, Doyonnas R, Pomerantz J, Blau HM