DSCB 257 Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

Offered in the Fall 
Course Director:
Faranak Fattahi

Lectures: usually Mondays and Thursdays, 1:30-3:30pm
Discussion: usually Wednesdays, 10:00-11:30 am
Location: Mission Bay Campus

Enrollment is limited.  Students from UCSF Programs other than DSCB should contact the DSCB office if interested in taking as an elective.

This course is part of the core curriculum for DSCB students in their first year, and will be offered as an elective to students from other programs. Consistent with the goals of the DSCB program, DSCB 257 integrates the fundamental concepts of stem cell biology and development. The interrelated themes of pluripotency, differentiation, organogenesis, regeneration, patterning and morphogenesis will be approached through the lens of the organism, with emphasis on what different model systems teach us about the evolution of development. Rather than a comprehensive survey of organs and their specific stem cells, the course will comprise case studies organized in coordinated mini-units, through which concepts, cellular behaviors, and molecular mechanisms will be explored. Discussion and evaluation of primary literature accompanying each mini-unit will enable students to develop critical, independent thinking skills. Proficiency in both oral and written communication will be emphasized through writing assignments in the style of manuscript reviews for each discussion paper. Students will practice identifying important research problems, designing feasible experimental approaches, and evaluating the work of colleagues.