Annual DSCB Retreat 2022

The Annual DSCB Retreat will be held at Chaminade Resort again. The retreat is an excellent opportunity for trainees and faculty to share their research and get to know each other in a more informal setting. 

2022 DSCB Retreat
Where: Chaminade Resort and Spa
Start: 1:00pm, Friday, October 28, 2022
End: 2:00pm, Saturday, October 29, 2022

Registration is open to all DSCB students, faculty, and postdocs/SRAs/visiting scholars in DSCB labs.

Agenda will be posted early-mid October.

Retreat Organizers: Drs. Elphege Nora and Dan Wagner.


Keynote speaker: Anne Brunet, PhD

Confirmed student speakers include: Emily Bulger (Bruneau lab); Brandon Chacon (Selleri lab); Nick Elder (Fattahi lab); Matt Keefe (Nowakowski lab); Michael Mobaraki (Li lab); Thi Nguyen (Reiter lab); Antara Rao (Huang lab); and Beatriz Alvarado (Pollen/Schwer lab). 
Confirmed faculty speakers include: Erica Hutchins, Bjoern Schwer, Jeremy Reiter, Benoit Bruneau, and Corey Harwell.

Poster Session:

The poster session is scheduled to take place Friday evening on October 28. A poster session program will be prepared, so please be sure to indicate when you register whether you will bring a poster.  If multiple lab members will present separate posters, each person should sign up for an individual slot. Otherwise, to avoid double-bookings please have only one person sign up if there will be multiple presenters for the same poster.