Orion Weiner, PhD

Cardiovascular Research Institute
+1 415 514-4352

Our lab seeks to define the molecular logic of complex cell behaviors— how cells go from sets of interacting molecules to the emergent properties of living systems. We currently focus on three questions:
1. How do cells control their shape and movement?
2. How lymphocytes detect rare foreign peptides in a sea of self-peptides?
3. How do cells regulate transcriptional activation?

We study a diversity of cell types and behaviors. We believe that this makes it easier to identify the general principles of cellular decision-making. We often pair biosensors to visualize a quantitative dynamic of choice inside living cells with precision tools to control the regulators of these behaviors. This approach reveals the molecular logic of these complex cell decisions. Transformative science often happens at interfaces. So we seek to borrow tools and concepts from other fields to address open questions in cell biology and frequently develop new tools when they are needed to accelerate progress. Our approach opens up opportunities for cross pollination between different projects in the lab.

Research Summary: 
Cell Polarity During Leukocyte Chemotaxis



Optogenetic control of YAP reveals a dynamic communication code for stem cell fate and proliferation.

Nature communications

Meyer K, Lammers NC, Bugaj LJ, Garcia HG, Weiner OD

Early-life stress triggers long-lasting organismal resilience and longevity via tetraspanin.

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Neutrophils actively swell to potentiate rapid migration.

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology

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Self-extinguishing relay waves enable homeostatic control of human neutrophil swarming.

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology

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Cell protrusions and contractions generate long-range membrane tension propagation.


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From peptides to proteins: coiled-coil tetramers to single-chain 4-helix bundles.

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WASP integrates substrate topology and cell polarity to guide neutrophil migration.

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Cell confinement reveals a branched-actin independent circuit for neutrophil polarity.

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Live-cell imaging reveals enhancer-dependent Sox2 transcription in the absence of enhancer proximity.


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Multiple sources of signal amplification within the B-cell Ras/MAPK pathway.

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A size-invariant bud-duration timer enables robustness in yeast cell size control.

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In pursuit of the mechanics that shape cell surfaces.

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Joining forces: crosstalk between biochemical signalling and physical forces orchestrates cellular polarity and dynamics.

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Clathrin Assembly Defines the Onset and Geometry of Cortical Patterning.

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A module for Rac temporal signal integration revealed with optogenetics.

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TAEL: a zebrafish-optimized optogenetic gene expression system with fine spatial and temporal control.

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Membrane Tension Acts Through PLD2 and mTORC2 to Limit Actin Network Assembly During Neutrophil Migration.

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Gß Regulates Coupling between Actin Oscillators for Cell Polarity and Directional Migration.

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Reversible Optogenetic Control of Subcellular Protein Localization in a Live Vertebrate Embryo.

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Cell Migration: Recoiling from an Embrace.

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A naturally monomeric infrared fluorescent protein for protein labeling in vivo.

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Self-organization of protrusions and polarity during eukaryotic chemotaxis.

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Response to Bell et al.

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Weiner O

Synthetic control of mammalian-cell motility by engineering chemotaxis to an orthogonal bioinert chemical signal.

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How to understand and outwit adaptation.

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How should we be selecting our graduate students?

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Weiner OD

An optogenetic gene expression system with rapid activation and deactivation kinetics.

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Actin dynamics rapidly reset chemoattractant receptor sensitivity following adaptation in neutrophils.

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Nodal signaling regulates endodermal cell motility and actin dynamics via Rac1 and Prex1.

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Network crosstalk dynamically changes during neutrophil polarization.


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Membrane tension maintains cell polarity by confining signals to the leading edge during neutrophil migration.


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Cell stimulation with optically manipulated microsources.

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Compete globally, bud locally.


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Rac1 links leading edge and uropod events through Rho and myosin activation during chemotaxis.


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Hem-1 complexes are essential for Rac activation, actin polymerization, and myosin regulation during neutrophil chemotaxis.

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A chemical compass.


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A PtdInsP(3)- and Rho GTPase-mediated positive feedback loop regulates neutrophil polarity.

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Lipid products of PI(3)Ks maintain persistent cell polarity and directed motility in neutrophils.

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Medium weight neurofilament mRNA in goldfish Mauthner axoplasm.

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